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When we experience challenges in our relationships, it can be hard to understand the various contributing forces. After repeated conflicts, a couple may begin to wonder if they actually belong together. Take heart! Whatʼs usually missing are the skills necessary to better understand your needs in the relationship and to express those needs in a constructive manner. Working with an experienced couples counselor can help get you back on track!

Relationship counseling is a useful modality of help for couples who are experiencing difficulties such as feelings of distance or emptiness in the relationship, pervasive feelings of anger or resentment, repeated arguments, and dissatisfaction or a lack of interest in an intimate or sexual relationship.

Couples Therapy Denver

Most relationships will get strained at some point. Counseling can be helpful in developing and maintaining healthy relationship skills which can be learned in therapy. Couples therapy works to facilitate:

  1. Identifying embedded emotional patterns that contribute to destructive behavior;
  2. Offering constructive alternatives that enhance intimacy;
  3. Breaking free of the blame game by creating a climate of shared responsibility;
  4. Learning to communicate, empathically, by listening for meaning and speaking with authenticity.

In order to participate in a loving relationship, each partner must first love themselves. Many couples complain that they feel unloved, unseen or unappreciated. They experience a disconnect in their relationship and seek other ways of feeling understood, recognized and valued. This “solution” often creates more distance in the relationship. My approach is to understand the presenting concerns, but also, to explore the ways that intimacy gets negotiated within the relationship. With this understanding, change becomes possible.

According to R. M. Wills (2001), research outcomes on marriage therapy and couples counseling suggests the following:

  • At the conclusion of therapy, 75% of couples described themselves as better off than similar couples who did not receive therapy.
  • Sixty five percent of couples reported significant improvement in marital satisfaction.
  • Most couples will benefit from therapy; however, spouses may differ in how they experience the outcomes.
  • Therapeutic modalities that produce the most significant and long-lasting gains tend to be those that address the coupleʼs emotional bonds and help the couple work together to achieve a greater level of differentiation and emotional maturity.

Couples therapy is an effective method of re-establishing intimacy in a relationship. My mission is to expand your awareness and skills, so you can experience greater satisfaction in your relationship.

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