Denver Psychologist Shea Kamlet…

…helps couples develop greater insight into the psychological patterns that impact their success in their relationships. Dr. Shea Kamlet utilizes her warm and genuine style to establish a nurturing relationship created through empathic and intuitive attention to the concerns of each client. The therapeutic relationship is an opportunity to explore imbedded emotional patterns in a safe and sacred space. As self awareness expands, the client experiences significant realizations and begins to feel the peace and empowerment associated with self understanding with less emphasis on managing the impressions of others.

After working with Dr. Shea Kamlet, clients claim they experience a stronger sense of themselves, expanded insight into the role of interpersonal patterns and relationships, and a greater awareness of their capacity for change and how to make those changes. The natural by-product of this type of personal reflection is an ability to be more grounded when confronted with life’s challenges, and an increased capacity to stay present with feelings that have been avoided in the past.

A trusted counselor providing marriage counseling and counseling for couples in Denver.

From both personal and professional experience, Dr. Shea Kamlet recognizes the courage and commitment needed to do the inner work that leads to integration and balance. Often, a moment occurs in life when a couple realizes that they can no longer avoid the emotional and psychological challenges that hinder their ability to be happy and fulfilled- working with a experienced psychologist can make all the difference.

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Shea Kamlet, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist, Marriage Counselor
6087 S. Quebec Street Suite 103
Centennial , CO , 80112
(303) 355-5602

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