Weekend Challenge: Achieving Ataraxia to Manage Anxiety

The word “ataraxia” means, according to Dictionary.com, “A state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquility.” PsychCentral.com blogger, Alicia Sparks, claims that she understood the idea of ataraxia as soon as she saw the word on her “word of the day” list. It was something she had been experiencing every day by taking her jogs outside and into nature, rather than indoors on a treadmill. For her, this activity involved the pleasure in focusing on making her body work in a tranquil environment and doing something that was good for her. Whatever the activity, it can be a worthy endeavor to find out what can help us individually to achieve ataraxia.


Read the full article here: Weekend Challenge: Achieving Ataraxia to Manage Anxiety

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