What is happiness?  We all want it!  But it often feels out of our reach.  Will 15 tips help you achieve the happiness you are looking for? 15-things-you-should-give-up-in-order-to-be-happy  Maybe, but probably not.  Happiness is the result of effort, dedication, and perhaps, a little luck. Happiness is the byproduct of focused passion, gratitude, integrity, and a healthy outlook to weather the tough times.  Carlos Castaneda writes that it takes just as much energy to be depressed as it does to be happy.  If this is the case, why are so many people unhappy?  There’s really not one answer to this question that has baffled humanity.  Happiness is the confluence of many different circumstances, some we can control and some we cannot.

If you start to pay attention to your emotions, you will notice there are times you are happy, sad, frustrated, anxious, giddy, mad, furious, bored, energized, and the list goes on.  As you can see, there is a whole range of emotions to experience, daily, weekly, monthly, and throughout a lifetime.  It is the emotions that you experience on a regular basis that shape the emotional tone of your life.  Rather than focus on being happy, focus on the range of emotions that make up your life.  By fully being present with each emotion, even the ones you do not like (actually, especially the ones you don’t like), life gains a new depth and vividness.  You begin to see emotions come and go: happiness comes and goes. Letting go of the past, dropping judgments, avoiding the temptation to complain, and suspending criticism constitute a great beginning, but if you want to take it to the next level, accept this challenge to fully engage all of you: criticisms, judgments, fears, blame, and limiting beliefs. In doing so, we are no longer trapped in the hamster wheel of chasing happiness, but rather, we free ourselves to engage in a process of self-discovery that results in something much greater than fleeting moments of happiness.

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